Hand-cranked pasta and gold stars

Asa and I made some fettucine noodles a few days ago with my grandmother’s hand crank pasta maker.  I haven’t made pasta since I was in sixth grade.  My friend and I actually had a little business back then and we sold enough to open a tiny little bank account.  Happily, the whole process was as easy as I remember it.  Easier, actually, because I didn’t have to contend with my friend’s dog sneaking off with mouthfuls of drying noodles.  I have great plans to make all our pasta from here on out.  That’s the morning coffee talking, of course.  But if you’re on Christmas present terms with me come December, you know what you’ll be getting now.

I spent a lot of time while Asa colored yesterday making a poster board-sized calendar.  Did you know there are only 100 days until Western States?  (Hey, it was either that or color in the Thomas the Tank Engine coloring book.)  It’s a very colorful calendar and has lots of little boxes to check off when I accomplish different training tasks.  It’ll be helpful to have it posted in the kitchen when I’m feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything all day — or all week — and the house and everybody in it is a mess.  Whatever works, right?

The cat is yowling for breakfast, so I’ll leave off for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Almost air conditioning weather here.

Sleep: Only 5 hours!  Looking for an early night tonight.

Food log:

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4 Responses to Hand-cranked pasta and gold stars

  1. footfeathers says:

    So, does that mean (God willing that I ascend to xmas present status) that I can count on a slightly used pasta maker for my present?

  2. lizahoward says:

    No pasta for you! 😉

  3. Mia Phillips says:

    Love me some pasta! What food log are you using??? I’m back and forth between Livestrong and My Fitness Pal. Livestrong is so sloooooooooooooow. Also, the transcendental finanacial planner, I like her/him already. Wish I lived closer 🙂

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