This is the “firefighter’s hat” Asa insisted on wearing to the playground the other day.  I’m all for using one’s imagination, but, when it comes down to it, I don’t want my child wearing Tupperware in public.  So I purchased this.

I know, I’m squelching his resourcefulness and ingenuity.  Rest assured he’s still wearing the Tupperware around the house — because the new hat, while stylish, can’t act as a face shield when he enters burning buildings.  That’s right, he pulls the Tupperware tub down in front of his face.  It’s not dangerous like a plastic bag, but it’s still unsettling.  I have a friend with firefighter connections who I’m hoping can help me out — and save Asa from tupperware-inspired nicknames.

I had a great run outside on the trails today.  I’ve still got a few more “hilly” treadmill miles to get done before I turn in, so I’ll leave off for now.  Sleep well.

Sleep: 5 hours (Boo!)

Run: 20 miles, 2 hours, 40 min

Food log:

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13 Responses to Tupperware-head

  1. Tika says:

    OK, I LOVE the the Tupperware helmet. But I get the “in public” part. That’s quite the handsome little man you have there.

  2. Trimble says:

    Love it! Jon and I are living vicariously through Asa. He’s our cyber-child:)

  3. mtnrunner2 says:

    I prefer Rubbermaid for my long runs.

    Funny stuff. And wise, I think.

  4. SteveQ says:

    Can you put a fireman’s helmet in a microwave? Or do you have to wait for a fire to cook your meals in it?

  5. Kat says:

    Don’t forget about how Asa saves his friends from over-turned wheelbarrows!

  6. Lisa says:

    aaah, I see your caloric intake matched your run!

    Asa is beautiful!

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