Eliot was hogging the computer tonight doing our taxes.  Selfish.

I bided my time sweating in the background.  I was doing some Bulgarian squats and other domestic things, but mostly I was sweating because it’s hot here.  And I refuse to turn on the air conditioning in March.  I’ve got plans for that utility bill money.  I had to bring along my “air conditioning sweater” when I went to our little monthly book club meeting.  It lives in my huge mom purse during the summer so I don’t get too grouchy in stores that think 58 degrees is temperate.

A big group of us are headed out to Bandera Saturday for a long run.  (You’re invited, of course.)  It’s supposed to be in the 90s.  Time to start sweat training for Western States.

Sleep log: 5 hours.  BOOO!

Running log: 13.5 miles  Workout time: 2 hours

Food log:

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12 Responses to Hogging

  1. Chip says:

    Hi there!! What is the software that you use to keep track of your food?

  2. footfeathers says:

    90s? Nothing like getting a start on the heat training for WS.

    The nerve of Eliot doing taxes when you obviously have important blog posts to create. Some people!

  3. Gene Taylor says:

    Here we are balancing each other’s weather again. Today’s high is supposed to get to a balmy 31 degrees. If it is ok with you, let’s meet in the middle, say 60 degrees. That would be SWEET!
    Keep up the good work with your food log and WS heat training,

  4. Yukun says:

    It is forecast to have few wet snow in DC this weekend and temp going drop below 40; but I still running long…

    Running is fun!

  5. Amy P. says:

    Any chance there is a Sunday run planned?
    I’m going up to Lake Pflugerville for an open water sprint tri on Saturday. First one of the season!

  6. Paige T. says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine 90 degrees in March. We ran this morning in 30 degrees (“real feel” was 18 degrees, with the wind!). Lucky!

    • lizahoward says:

      18. Yikes. I’d rather be in 90 degrees, but it is annoying to have to wring the sweat out of your socks mid-run in March. Also makes you jittery about what June will look like.

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