4:45 am: Up to run 20 miles at Bandera.  Hill repeats.  Soaked one shirt and two socks                        with sweat.  If it wasn’t 90 degrees, it was 90% humidity.

12:00 pm:  Home.

1:30 pm:  Asa’s first soccer practice. (I’d post pictures, but the cuteness might turn you to                   stone.)

3:30 pm:  Home.

4:30 pm: Leave to run with and talk to Alamo Running Buddies group.

8:30 pm: Toast.

More tomorrow.

Sleep log: 6 hours.  😦

Run log: 26 miles, 4 ish hours

Food log:  My stomach was really upset, so dinner was Saltine crackers and a Coke.  I don’t know why Nabisco hasn’t contacted me to be their Saltine spokesperson.  Perhaps they’re not reading?  Really missed the 75-90g protein intake goal as a result.

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