Cattle, speed, and nannies

Good morning!   I just heard that there were “loose cattle” on Highway 90.  I’m having flashbacks of living in San Diego and listening to the morning traffic report.  You could usually count on someone losing a mattress on the morning commute.

I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee listening to Asa and Eliot make oatmeal in the kitchen.  NPR has some story on right now about how running isn’t bad for the knees.   And I got some good sleep last night.  It looks to be a good day.  I’ve got 22 miles on the schedule and I’m going to do my best to be speedy.  I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts (A million thanks to Clea and Mark for recommending those.) and I’m entirely motivated to focus on running at a faster clip.

I’ve also got to interview a nanny today to help watch Asa while I’m gone in April for work.  Gotta earn a living and all, but Wow!, the guilt…  I’ve also got to buy teeny tiny shin guards for the Boy’s soccer practice tonight.  Better get moving.  Hope your day is starting off well.

Sleep: 7 hours

Run log: 22 miles, 3:20 hours

Food log: 

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7 Responses to Cattle, speed, and nannies

  1. Olga says:

    It should be a beautiful morning for 22. At least in Austin, it’s practically cold! I had a nanny since Stephen was 4 months old, bread-winner and all. Boohoo. I thought for a while I should get a baby just to experiment and stay home. May be my kids would have come out different. Either that, or you’d find me in a mental institution.

  2. Sara G. says:

    I hope that the guilt will fade for you 🙂 I had “mommy guilt” when Alex first started at daycare, but it has gotten easier over time!

  3. lizahoward says:

    I just met the nanny Sara and Olga. She’s awesome. Probably more fun to spend the day with than I am. I’m not feeling so guilty right now. I’m sure that will pass though. 😉

  4. Clea says:

    Glad you enjoyed marathontalk. Another good one is RunRunLive. It’s funny and the interviews range from the race director of the Boston marathon, to Dean Karnazes, to interviews with regular folks. I couldn’t get through my work day without my running podcasts!

  5. Lisa says:

    Liza, I used to nanny in my twenties. I was with one family for a couple years- they had a little girl who was darling. I had alot of fun and I have to say she was happy to be with me. This Sara sounds like she will be great for Asa.
    Interestingly, I also worked for two wealthy families and the experience was cut short both times by me because I was miserable. The kids were extremely difficult and the parents were even worse! oh, the stories I could tell..

    The guilt is difficult I know, but somehow our little imps can be more resilient than we are!
    Have a great work trip.

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