Drymax socks ad and gift certificates

I have had the great good fortune of being sponsored with Drymax socks for about a year now.  Wonderful socks.  No blisters ever.  The only down side is that darn things last forever, so the socks I got about a year ago are grayish because I’m a haphazard laundry sorter, but they’re still perfectly serviceable.  The dryer eats one every now and again, so I’m hopeful I should be able to request some bright, new, shiny ones before 2012.  Anyway, I was told Lisa Bliss and Jamie Donaldson started the tradition of taking pictures of their feet after races to send to Drymax to show how well the socks had treated them.  I’ve wanted to send a post-race thank you picture for a long while, but my tradition has been to vomit after races instead.  I’ve never had my wits around me — or a friend with a camera — to take a blister-free picture.  Until Rocky this year.

Um, so pedicure anyone?  I’m hoping a relative who-shall-not-be-named will be inspired to send a gift certificate.  We’ll see.  Eliot’s comment was, “Well, there’ll be no questions about photo-shopping.”

Hope you’re all having a good morning and your toes look lovely today.

PS.  Eliot thought I should point out that that’s the remnant of toenail polish on my big toes.

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11 Responses to Drymax socks ad and gift certificates

  1. Jane Marcello says:

    That unnamed relative just put a check in the mail for a pedi! Love you!

  2. Yukun says:

    You should put an ad on Craigslist to have foot-fetish-lover to take picture after races. I think they most likely take picture while you vomiting…


  3. Domingo says:

    Maybe you can endorse a pedicure company and get them for free.

  4. Brett says:

    I agree about DryMax – great socks, they never die, and all mine are grey too. 🙂

    One time I started a 50 mile race with a hot spot already on the bottom of one heel from a soccer game two days earlier (when I was just wearing regular soccer socks). I knew it would get progressively worse, and was resigned to just stop whenever that time came. It never did. In fact, the hot spot went away during the race.

  5. Paige T. says:

    LOL! I was wondering about the toenail coloring when I saw Bob tweeted (twittered? twitted? who knows!) the pic recently…I thought to myself, “that looks like my toes after RDL100 last year!” Except mine weren’t painted…

    Yay, Drymax! Love, LOVE those socks, too!

  6. olivia says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

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