New Balance visit and siren noises

Life is crazy this morning at the Howard household.  Pancakes and sticky floors.  Asa’s looking for fires to fight and I’m working on sounding more like a real dispatcher.  “What’s the nature of your emergency?”  I’m also trying to find a sitter for Asa tonight because Eliot and I failed to sync our schedules and I actually have a non-playdate obligation.  New Balance is sending some shoe development folks down to San Antonio to talk to local trail runners at the Eisenhower run tonight.  (They want to talk to folks who are in their trail shoes for more hours in a 50 and 100 mile race than someone like Anton Krupicka.  Apparently our shoe needs might be a little different.  😉 )  Anyway, Asa’s a fine runner — especially when responding to imaginary fires–, but it’d be a challenge to act as a host with him in tow.  I’d have to set imaginary fires around every turn in the trail — and we’d all have to make siren noises as we ran.   I hope to have good stories for you tomorrow one way or another.

PS. You’re obviously invited to the run if you’re here in town and to Freetails afterwards — if you’re a slower runner than Mr. Krupicka, that is.  And if you want to get to Freetails early and save some tables outside for us, that’d be fine too.

The rest of the story: New Balance visit and a super soaker

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6 Responses to New Balance visit and siren noises

  1. Sarah says:

    ah, so it sounds like New Balance is starting to get the idea that all people don’t run like Anton. I do love my 100’s but after 50 miles in them my feet are trashed. I’ve now switched to the Peregrine, which has a bit of a cushier ride, but still low profile.

    • lizahoward says:

      I like that name for a shoe — Peregrine. I wore Nikes a billion years ago and I remember they were called the Air Icarus. Icarus — wings of wax fellow who fell to his death when he flew too close to the sun. Not the best name for a shoe maybe.

  2. Lauren says:

    Robert is running tonight and staying for Freetails after, so I’ll be at home with the kids, obsessively checking the weather for Hells Hills. If you don’t find a sitter, you’re welcome to bring A here. Tonight’s entertainment might be Strawberry Shortcake movies, though.

  3. SteveQ says:

    Dang, I’m out – I’m faster than Tony (Mr. Krupicka to you), as long as we’re talking flat ground at sea level and under 10 miles.

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