New Balance visit and a super soaker

I mentioned that some folks from New Balance’s shoe development team were coming to San Antonio to talk to trail runners who spend more than 13 hours in their running shoes in 100 mile races.  Mere mortals and the like.  I haven’t told you that Asa received a firefighter’s super soaker water pack from his grandparents yesterday.  Allow me to tie those two pieces of information together.

So Asa and I drove downtown to meet the New Balance fellows at Run Wild Sports in the Pearl Brewery shopping area at 2pm.  Asa refused to exit the car without his new firefighter’s water pack.  Of course.  It didn’t have any water in it — because that would be CRAZY.  He entertained himself in the store putting out clothing fires.  Amanda was there too to help field questions about coaching ultrarunners.  After five minutes, the nice New Balance guys suggested we go somewhere where we could sit and talk for a while.  I looked at Asa extinguishing a rack of shorts.  Suuuuuure.   Let’s go and sit somewhere; The three year-old’s a great sitter.  I wasn’t panicked exactly; I don’t have enough energy to panic.  And I’m too old.  But I did feel a bit queasy.

Thankfully there was restaurant around the corner with outdoor seating adjacent to a small grassy field.  Asa took three sips of lemonade and then raced around the field putting out grass fires while the New Balance fellows set up a camera to video tape the meeting (Oh yes they did.)  — at which point Asa decided the water pack needed some water.  Now if you have a three year-old — and you’ve dragged them to a restaurant at 2:30 in the afternoon after they missed their nap, you know I had no choice.  Either fill the pack with water and try to keep Asa in the field pointed away from restaurant patrons and the video camera and notes — or leave.  Well, endure a meltdown, and then leave.  Now I’ve never talked to shoe development people before and I was pretty excited about the whole thing.  I didn’t want to leave.  (In case anyone’s wondering why I brought Asa along in the first place, I can only say that I’m not rolling in babysitting money and I try not to pester my friends for favors too often.)  So I poured a pitcher of water in.  Cue frenetic banjo music.  The rest of the hour is a blur.  Mostly no one got wet and I don’t think the video camera was damaged.  (Though if that video never sees the light of day, I won’t be sad.)  Thank goodness Amanda was there to answer questions when Asa aimed too close to the lunch crowd and I had to sprint between him and his victims/people-obviously-in-need-of-extinguising.  There was also a duck wandering around that Asa chased after.  I’m not sure whether it was on fire or not.  Oh, and he tried to climb over the fence surrounding the field — to his death in the river below.  I haven’t received a call yet from New Balance canceling their sponsorship, but I’ll let you know.

We did have a great run at Eisenhower later and some real sitting at Freetails after that.  (Thanks for watching Asa, Olivia and Robert!)  I couldn’t wait to introduce the San Antonio crew to the shoe fellows.  “And now you get to meet the best people ever — and they’re fine runners too.”  I hope we were helpful to them — as people who are in their shoes longer than Anton Krupicka.  They couldn’t have been more gracious or amiable.  At the very least the got to enjoy some good weather — 80s and sunny.  I believe it’s raining and snowing today in Massachusetts.

All I’ll say about this is that I think big people have a hard time keeping little people on the ground when a camera’s around.  And that I love my blurry friends.  🙂

Food log:  I’ll get everything entered into the computer Sunday.  Eliot, Asa and I are headed up to Smithville, Texas tonight to camp and then volunteer at the Hell’s Hills 50 tomorrow.

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5 Responses to New Balance visit and a super soaker

  1. Lisa says:

    I wanna see the video!
    You are hilarious Liza. I read your post at work and let me tell you, it brightened my day! I was bouncing back and forth between two anxious pts and somehow I got a minute to check out your blog. That little Asa is obsessed!

    You are super fit! I can’t wait to be strong and sleek like you…

  2. Tika says:

    Snow, rain, and two vomiting children in MA… So thanks for the laughs tonight, they are appreciated!

  3. Niki Lake says:

    I wanna see the video too! It’s not right to deprive your faithful readership of something that awesome! Where are they in the development of The Bandera?? I need new shoes!

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