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Apologies for the lack of posting.  I have been struggling to balance things lately.  Getting ready for my 3 week absence in the Gila pushed me over the edge last week.  And then helping out at Hells Hills all day Saturday pretty much squashed my intentions of catching back up over the weekend.  I don’t do well once I get behind in a plan.  It makes me want to throw in the towel, — which I certainly did as far as eating goes.  Lots of french fries, Hot Tamales candy, and diet soda on the way home from Hells Hills.  I will not be reconstructing any food logs from this dark period.

That said, I wouldn’t trade one humid minute of helping out at Hells Hills.  I got to spend time talking with people whom I’ve wanted to spend time talking to for years now.  Honestly, if I’d started volunteering at these events first, I might never have started running them.  All the fun and none of the vomiting.  I helped out with first aid and it was pretty uneventful — mostly upset stomachs from the humidity.  There was one really good sprained ankle.  It was easily the size of a grapefruit and the color of a plum.  The guy was tough and really wanted to keep running.  After some good icing, we decided that while he could run another 16 miles on a grapefruit-sized ankle if he needed to, — it would be a poor choice, since he didn’t need to.

I got to help tear down one of the aid stations at the end of the race with Joyce Prusaitis, her daughter, and Diana Heynen.  What good people.  A runner came through as we were loading things into the truck and we had to tell him that he’d missed the time cutoff.  He’d struggled through some significant abdominal pain and it was awful having to tell him his race was over.  He accepted the news gracefully and then helped us finish tearing down the aid station.  “Hey, I know you’ve worked really hard and all, but this is the end of the line for you.  Sorry.  Nice job pushing through all that pain.  Now, could you help me pick up this table?”  Ultramarathoners are cool.

It’s far too late to be up, so I’ll finish these thoughts in the morning.

Run log: 15 miles, 2:15 ish hours

Food log:



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