I  leave Thursday afternoon for Tucson.  The NOLS Southwest branch is on the outskirts of town and I’ll be there a couple of days prepping with the my co-instructors and the students before we make the drive to the Gila in New Mexico.  Then I’ll be out of contact until April 28th.  I’ll have to write blog stories for you all on actual paper with an actual pencil.  Crazy.

Today is chock full of trying to catch up on The Western States Training Plan, packing for the trip, running I’ll-be-gone-for-three-weeks errands, and spending time with Asa.  (I’m already looking forward to that first night’s sleep in the tent.)  We’ll head to the zoo this morning I think.  We haven’t sat together watching the Francois Langurs — the monkeys with the Elvis-like pompadours — in far too long.

Hope your day feels peaceful.

Running log: 3 hours

Food log:

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2 Responses to Prepping

  1. mtnrunner2 says:

    What’s a pencil? Egads, I’ve been out of school — a while — and I’m forgetting how to write with those instruments.

    Best. Monkey. Hair. Cuts. Ever.

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