Mom in the Wild: Day 2

I just finished “Team Building” with my co-instructor and the co-instructors from our sister course. We are pretty seasoned instructors, so our team building involved an Italian restaurant. I am stuffed full of yummy food. And this is a very good thing because my co-instructor has convinced all of us we should try a fad diet during the course. I’m not trying to lose any weight; I’m more in it for the adventure and wackiness of the whole thing. I’m too embarrassed to tell you the details. Ultimately, it’s a good way to avoid the orange cheese and hash browns of the NOLS ration.
I got to run uphill for a good while early this morning. I ran up Mount Lemmon, which is just behind the NOLS branch. I ran uphill for about four miles. And I ran about the same pace uphill that I did downhill. Sore feet and calf. Boo.
More tomorrow.

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One Response to Mom in the Wild: Day 2

  1. Niki Lake says:

    I used to live about 30 minutes from Mt. Lemmon in Vail, AZ. I loved it there…nothing was there then, I could walk for 2 weeks and always be on BLM or National Forest land. I’ve heard it’s a bit built up now around there…I’m kinda afraid to look. I always loved to go up and walk at Mt. Lemmon then swim at Reddington (sp?) pass. I am going to pretend I am a molecule of your backpack so I can come along for the ride…

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