I lay down on my bed for a minute after putting Asa down this evening — and now it’s past midnight and I haven’t posted an entry for the day.  Doh!  I think I can bend time with the publishing feature — like I did with all that pre-posting while I was working — and date this for yesterday.  Brilliant.

Asa, Eliot, and I are still delighting in each other’s company.  Asa yelled “Mom! Mom!” when he caught sight of me at the airport on Friday and ran at me full tilt with a bouquet of flowers in his hand — and things have been that kind of good since.

I’m about to sit down with a bunch of markers and a piece of butcher block paper and make a big calendar/plan for Western States.  I’ll post a picture of it as soon as it’s up on the wall in all its third grade glory.  I’m anxious to get it done; I enjoyed the time off in the Gila a bit too much.  I need some visual motivation.  55 days.

I did need a break from running though.  I read most of Matt Fitzgerald’s Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel while I was out there.  Belly laughing with my co-instructors took priority, so I didn’t finish it until the plane ride home, but what I read convinced me I was overtrained.  And, once convinced, it was easy to turn off worries about missed runs in April.  It also helped that people’s eyes consistently glazed over when I started to talk ultrarunning details.  Apparently (wonder of wonders) it’s not inherently enthralling.  Conversations moved pretty quickly from “100 miles!  That’s crazy! What do you think of those FiveFingers shoes?” to “How do you cook these hash browns again?”  The perspective will be useful between now and June 25.

OK, I’ve got to get to my coloring.

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