Arrgh!  My minute by minute plan for the week is falling apart already.  I never should have taken the time for that shower.  Today actually disappeared on me.  I dropped Asa off at school, ran 20 miles, picked him up and now it’s 10:30pm.  There was some soccer practice in there and dish washing, but I really can’t give much of an account of myself otherwise.  I think the heat got to me a bit on the run.  I’m not sure if it had hit the 90s yet when I was out there, but whatever the temperature was, the humidity was higher.  I wandered around feeling only half inflated most of the afternoon.  I’ve worked mightily most of the evening to avoid guzzling caffeine.  As much as I’d like to power through today’s leg workout, it turns out caffeine after 8 pm makes it difficult for me to fall asleep.   I’m getting so old and weak.  Time was I could drink an espresso before brushing my teeth for the night.

I’m just going to set nine alarms on my phone now and then crawl under the covers for a few hours.  So few.

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