While Eliot’s been out of town canoeing at Big Bend, I’ve slowly been making my way through the house purging our belongings.  There’s nothing like carrying everything you need on your back for three weeks to make you evaluate your Stuff with a critical eye.  Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten rid of anything Eliot is particularly attached to (eg the maroon t-shirt with the holes that he got at the neat pizza place last century).  I’m not a total novice at this marriage thing.  And I promise to let you know when he notices that three carloads-full of Stuff is gone — or how I rehung and rearranged all of our pictures.  July?  This is not a criticism;  Eliot has the appropriate appreciation for house Stuff.  I aspire to that level of enjoyment.

On the running front, I am actually looking forward to running while Asa’s in school this morning.  Running hasn’t brought me a lot of joy since I got back from the Gila.  I’ll spare you the introspection this early in the morning, but I think I’ve finally turned a corner.  Thank goodness!

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