Whoop! and interviews

Good morning!  I had a great run yesterday.  Whoop.  And my friend Olivia is going to watch Asa after his soccer game this morning so I can go out for another one.  Double whoop.  And then Eliot gets home tomorrow night.  Triple whoop.

This was the sight I was greeted with when I walked into the living room yesterday evening.  He’d been fully clothed seconds before while I was loading the dish washer.  Well, it was Friday night after all — and we did have company over.  Party!!  I wasn’t sure whether I should post this picture, but I figured since I was going to share it at his rehearsal dinner eventually, I might as well brighten your mornings now.  He’s got a makeshift lasso in the hand that’s out of the frame — of course.

One more treat this morning: There’s a great interview on Marathon Talk with Ian Sharman.   (Mr. Rocky Raccoon 100 in 12:44)  There’s also a pretty funny bit early on in the podcast about being the child of runners.

Hope your Saturdays are starting out well too.  Nutrition will be back up tonight.

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9 Responses to Whoop! and interviews

  1. Norma says:

    Oh such a funny photo- Asa is adorable. Going out for a run this morning. Feeling bummed because this week I didn’t fit in all the running/core work I try to accomplish every week. Argh! But you inspire me all the time to keep working on my goals! Have a good run!

  2. Lisa says:

    Asa is a beautiful child Liza! I love all those home made little treasures that kids. Remember when simple objects just made our day?
    I’m going for a 10 miler this morning on a hilly trail. I’m actually looking very forward to it. Gotta clear the chatter in this brain of mine.

    Glad to hear your training is back in full swing!

  3. Lisa says:

    …that kids obsess over. Finish your thoughts Lisa, please. : )

    • lizahoward says:

      You set me thinking about all the things I got wildly excited about when I was little while I drank my coffee this morning. Very nice. I want to get that kind of bouncing-up-and-down pleasure out of small things now. Small things that don’t involve caffeine or sugar. How was the hilly run?

  4. SteveQ says:

    I got warned that some of the sites I’ve been visiting aren’t appropriate for where I am – and then a picture of a naked Asa appears. Thanks.

  5. Tika says:

    LMFAO at the pic, it’s awesome! And your floor looks really clean.

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