Hot spring brilliance

Eliot has outdone me.  He and his group got back last night after boating some 80 miles down the Rio through Big Bend.  One student brought a pack of waterproof playing cards and they used a thermarest for a card table in some hot springs.  Impressive.

I’m drinking tea this morning because the cupboards and refrigerators are bare.  I couldn’t bring myself to drag Asa along on a supermarket trip yesterday evening.  So tea.  It seems like it’s supposed to have as much caffeine as my cheap instant coffee, but the sentences are not flowing this morning.  Time to detox, eh?

I’ve got a big run today.  Outside!  I took it easy again yesterday to give my legs every chance to feel good today.  I’m still in the dark about why my runs have been so rotten lately.  I’m going to dot all i’s and cross all t’s this week and see what happens — and maybe draw some conclusions.  It’s interesting for sure.  Annoying and frustrating, but interesting too.  I hear the boys stirring, so I’ll leave off for now.  Hope the week is starting well for you.

Nutrition log:  Tonight

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4 Responses to Hot spring brilliance

  1. Pommers says:

    Perhaps you’re being a touch hard on yourself. I’m sure your idea of poor performance, which goes hand in hand with feeling bad about a run, is significantly higher (or should that be lower?) than the rest of us mortals 🙂 Give yourself a chance to get back into it and I’m sure you’ll get back in the groove before you know it.
    Detox? I’ve been off caffeine myself for the last couple of months – does wonders for the hydration stability 😉

    • lizahoward says:

      Thanks Richard. It’s hard to know what’s reasonable and what’s being too hard. I need to keep the only-a-hobby part of this training in mind. Entirely off caffeine? Wow. One-ish cups a day now here and no DTs so far.

  2. Herb Abrams says:

    I know that when we break from our routines it is hard to get back to our running ways. I also realise you are training hard for the Western States. Remember why you love running. The freedom, the joy, and that feeling at the end of a run. Sometimes when we make something our job we rob the joy that comes from it. Train hard but enjoy what you are doing. Keep it up girl!!!

    • lizahoward says:

      Thank you for the good words Herb. I think I was trying to push too hard too soon speed-wise. Looking at what other folks are doing and are capable of makes that an easy thing to fall into. Living and learning.

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