Watermelons and Ireland

Asa and Eliot are dancing in the backyard right now.  I’m not sure whether it was the brownie dessert or the huge watermelon they devoured, but those boys are having some fun.  I’m enjoying sitting here watching.  Asa definitely got my watermelon eating genes.  Honestly, he might have just eaten a third of his body weight in watermelon.  I give him five more minutes before he dashes to the bathroom.  Sadly none of the watermelons these days seem to have any seeds, so I don’t know if my champion seed spitting genes have been passed on as well.

Yesterday’s treadmill hill run went well.  Not too fast, but not too slow either.  And my legs did not feel like lead.  Very nice.  I think I was just pushing too hard, too fast the weeks before.  Balancing the pleasure of running with the work of challenging training is tricky.  Ideally hard workouts are fun — at least in a Type 2 Fun way (not fun at the time, but pleasurable afterwards).  The question is how many Type 3 Fun workouts (not fun at the time, and not fun to think about afterwards) to slog through.  Certainly it depends on what you want from running.  I want the lightness of spirit that comes on a long run — and the singing-out-loud-in-the-car happiness, and the camaraderie of good friends.  So how does hours of treadmill hill training in a hot garage fit in?  Well, it fits in if it can serve some greater purpose.  But “hard work for hard work’s sake” doesn’t resonate as much lately as that purpose.  And training to run faster never resonated.  So the balance is tricky.  In any event, I feel like I’m slipping back into the appropriate groove.  I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.  Thanks for reading!

Now for some exciting news.  Eliot and I are going to Ireland!  The IAU Trail World Championships are on July 9 in Connemara, Ireland.

Not too shabby, eh?  One of my very best friends from college lives in Ireland with his lovely family and I cannot wait to spend time with them after the race.  I’ve only seen them once since they were married some 15 years ago.  My most vivid memory from their wedding (besides the beautiful beautiful bride and all the Guinness and singing afterwards) was shivering uncontrollably in a thin, sleeveless sundress.  The bride bought the bridesmaid dresses when she was living with me in Virginia Beach.  Walking outside in the summertime in Virginia often feels like someone has thrown a wet wool blanket over your head.  Ireland is different.

The U.S. team is pretty small right now — in part, I’m guessing, because it’s a buy-your-own-super-expensive-plane-ticket event.  I figure it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity — to accrue some credit card debt.  🙂

Nutrition log:  (No running today.)

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6 Responses to Watermelons and Ireland

  1. Jane Marcello says:

    Will help with tickets. And Asa!!!

  2. Trimble says:

    super exciting for you guys! have a blast in Ireland!

  3. Pam says:

    Liza – so excited for you going to Ireland. It looks amazing!! I seriously considered applying but it just doesn’t work for me so soon after WS (recovery and vacation time from work). But I look forward to hearing all about it from you; you know, vicarious participation through the magic of blogs!

    • lizahoward says:

      Oh! I wish you were going!! Yeah, the timing is pretty awful. (Good grief.) But it looks like it’ll be a beautiful run and I promised I’d take Eliot to the Guinness factory some day.

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