Eliot found this by the front door last night.

This was inside.

Along with this note.

Wow!  Thanks New Balance!

I made Eliot swear up and down that he would take care of this delicate plant.  I intend to admire it from at least three feet away from here on out.  Remember the Bougainvillea Eliot got me?  Well, let’s just say it’s in Heaven with God now.  Apparently orchids need misting.  And the Plant Care Tips booklet that came with it warns: “Once you find a place for the orchid, make it permanent.  Orchids do not like to be moved around.”  Touchy.  My favorite tip is:  “Also, it is natural for an orchid’s roots to grow out of the bark or moss it’s planted in, so don’t be alarmed if this occurs.”  Don’t be alarmed?  Apparently orchid caregivers are a jumpy lot.   “Oh my God!!! The roots are above the moss!!!”  Freak out.

The booklet also goes on to give a brief orchid history.  Apparently during the Middle Ages “they were used as remedies for illnesses, as an aphrodisiac, and as a main ingredient in certain love potions.”  So one way or another, it looks like the coming weeks are going to be good ones.  Now go out and buy yourself some New Balance shoes!

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