The Boy can ride a bike with pedals now. I have not witnessed this wonder myself because of my nightly trysts with the Alter G. But I’ve made Eliot recount each instance in detail.
“Where were you when your son first learned to pedal?”
“Pledging undying love to a machine during a sprint workout.”
(And while I realize I could not actually run the 5 minute mile I finished up with without the 80% gravity assist, it was still pretty exhilarating to feel my legs move that fast.)
I’ve spent about 16 hours on the Alter G now and the staff at the Y is beginning to treat me like Norm on Cheers when I walk in. (Look it up, young’uns.). It’s great. And I always drive home thinking about how I need to bake cookies for them all. Then Eliot hits me with stories of bike pedaling and it’s all I can do to eat some food and drag my guilt to bed. 😉

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4 Responses to Pedaling!

  1. Emily says:

    As in riding a bike unassisted?? Go A!!!

  2. lizahoward says:

    I was told there is assistance here and there, but he holds his own on downhills.

  3. Tim Smith says:

    I assume his ride ended with a speech similar to this:

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