Moving in together and seams

I’ve got five hours of anti-gravity running scheduled today and three tomorrow.  And I feel like things might be moving a little too fast in this relationship.  I am in love with the machine, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to move in together with it yet.  The Y’s only open for four hours tomorrow, so I’m thinking there’s going to have to be some aqua jogging mixed in too.   It’ll probably be good to have my legs moving against some resistance.  And dodging kids doing cannonballs will be good for my core.

The only downside to running on the Alter G is that the shorts ride up after I start sweating in earnest.  I can usually make it half an hour before I have to stop the machine, pull the legs down, and towel my thighs off.  Then I’ve got another 15 minutes before the neoprene shorts slip and start pressing the seams of my running shorts into my flesh.  It’s pretty shockingly uncomfortable.  If my thighs were bigger, I don’t think it’d be an issue.  Or if XS was understood to mean “scrawny with scrawny legs too.”  Or maybe if I had some leg hair to create friction…  Anyway, I’m quite the show for the people on the stationary bikes behind me.  I look like I’m struggling with a major wedgie I’m sure.

So I have officially run out of podcast listening material.  Send suggestions!  Watching people check themselves out in the mirror while they lift weights has provided me as much entertainment as it’s likely to.

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6 Responses to Moving in together and seams

  1. Sarah says:

    Podcasts I listen to: this american life, the moth, dirtbag diaries, 3 non joggers, ultrarunner podcast, ben greenfield fitness, endurance planet, radiolab.

  2. Ted says:

    I’m not sure if you’d find some of these interesting: Philosophy Bites–podcasts of about 12 minutes (perfect for your wardrobe malfunction issue. The topics cover specific philosophers, abstract philosophical topics, and applied topics.

  3. kerry says:

    I’ve been geeking out to
    Chris Keresser is this alternative health guy with a practice in Berkeley, whose blogs and podcasts examine new research, usually in nutrition, and debunk popularized “knowledge” that is wrong. The audio is usually really good, but sometimes if he has a guest on the phone, you have to work the volume dial a bit. The latest episode (#11) is pretty cool–the guest goes into the biochemistry of LDL and HDL in more detail than I’ve ever heard/read before. Chris himself doesn’t talk much on #11, though, which is a disadvantage, because he has the greatest SOCAL accent ever. 😉

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