Half-marathon pressure

I told you I was going to help out with the YMCA’s half marathon training program in exchange for using their Alter-G.  I will now put pressure on my mom friends reading.  (Skip ahead if you are not a mom in San Antonio who doesn’t already run enough to give yourself a stress fracture.)  You all should sign up for this!  It looks like it’ll be really well done (despite my involvement) and super fun.  You can participate at any of the Ys in town.  You run three times a week — twice on your own and once with a group on the weekends.  There’s running and walking and running.  AND I will watch your child when you run those two times during the week if  you need me too.  Here’s the flyer.  I will probably pressure you again.  (Hey, you knew there’d be trouble when you took me on as a friend.)

But back to my new boyfriend, Alter G.  The genius of the machine is that you forget you’re running with a gravity assist.  You just feel like you’re running really well.  And that’s sooooo darn fun.  And I do feel like I’m getting a good cardiovascular workout.  I think I’ll have to add some aqua jogging back into the mix this week though– as much as I despise it — so I the air won’t feel quite so thick when I get to run again in a few weeks.  I’ll see the sports podiatrist this week.  Keep your fingers crossed he tells me I can put the Alter G up to 30% body weight instead of 20%.  “How to Train for the Leadville 100 at Sea Level in Low Gravity.”  by Liza Howard, 2011.

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9 Responses to Half-marathon pressure

  1. Lauren says:

    You might be on to something… Let me know if you hear of an ultra training program that comes with two days of free childcare! 😉

  2. Sarah says:

    Ooh! Ditto Lauren!

  3. Gene Taylor says:

    Wow, Liza, what a sell job !!! I would sign up if I was a woman and lived within 1000 miles, but I am not and don’t. Best wishes for your Dr visit. Hope the “light” running has worked.

  4. Doise Miers says:

    I’ll see if my sister is interested. She lives in SA and is thinking of doing the half but doesn’t have her crazy older sister there to make her run. Maybe this would do the trick.

  5. Emily says:

    I don’t love running nearly as much as you do but man, I might be tempted with the childcare thrown in! Please know I would totally sign up if it weren’t for this little relocation thing! Kinda bummed…

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