Fleet Feet Sports’ Western States Trail Summit and me

I will be fielding all the questions about stress fractures, immobilization boots, training on anti-gravity treadmills, aqua jogging, and curses.  (Sports bras?)  I’ll feel immensely silly sitting next to these running gods in my big boot (I would have felt awkward without the boot), but perhaps the mere mortal perspective will be a valuable one.  I mean, I’m a good math teacher (didn’t know that was also one of the many many certifications I have and don’t use, did you?) because math didn’t come all that easily to me.  Work with me for the analogy: I will field questions about ultra running well because I’m not a running genius.  Okay, not the best analogy.  Think I should seed the audience with questions for me?  “Liza, what are your thoughts on Saltines and soda during races?”  “Do you always ask your pacers to hug you when things get hard during a race?   “Immodium?”  Send your suggestions and I’ll put them on index cards.

PS.  How about:  “What is that shiny shoe you’re wearing on your left foot?” 😉



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8 Responses to Fleet Feet Sports’ Western States Trail Summit and me

  1. Josh says:

    Ahhhh the WT110LH very very nice Liza! I’ve ran a bit in the MT110AK and love it! Can’t wait to have you out here in Sac!
    Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento

  2. olgav100 says:

    You’re such a good little girl, a perfect example of how to treat your injuries! You are definitely the one for the talk, at least that part of the talk. My boot is lonely in a corner, haveing been used only 2 days. Screw the boot. Life is too short:) But then again, I don;t have LT100 to win, I am off season!!!

    • lizahoward says:

      “Screw the boot!” I say this under my breath most mornings and then glare at it for a while — and then put it on thinking of Pb-ville. I have to say, it’s not smelling very nice after 2 weeks in the Texas summer.

  3. Lisa says:

    darn it! I wish I was a jet setter Liza. It would be so great to meet you and the others.
    Well, I may just have to wait until The North Face Endurance in San Fran. Have a great time!

    • lizahoward says:

      Looking forward to December! “Jet setter” almost made me spit my coffee over the computer. I’m sitting here in my rumpled PJs, still unshowered from the Alter G last night surrounded by dirty breakfast dishes — and Asa is watching Fireman Sam in the background (until I finish the coffee.) We have swim lessons in half an hour and I’m afraid that will be the shower for the day. Jet setter… 😉

      • Lisa says:

        Too funny Liza! I have long given up on a neat and tidy home and sometimes I wonder about people who keep their homes immaculate. Control issues perhaps? 🙂 I do admit though, when I do clean the house I feel much better. It just seems like there are more important things to do like: work, finish a degree, raise a child, run the house while husband is in medical school and now residency… the list goes on right???
        Jet setters indeed, huh?

      • lizahoward says:

        What’s the degree?

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