Happy Father’s Day!

Eliot is off celebrating Father’s Day on a mountain bike in Government Canyon.  He was stuffed full of pancakes when he headed out the door and he looked pretty satisfied with life.  The San Antonio Missions game last night was excellent.

We went with three other families who all had boys Asa’s age.  Four three year-old boys at a baseball game that started at 7pm.  Trouble with a capital T.

(They were moving too fast to get all of them in the same picture.)

Thank God for the play area with giant inflatable bouncers.  Asa spent four innings bouncing around like a piece of popcorn in one of them.  I kept expecting to see him fall asleep mid bounce, but he hung in there until we exited the highway on the drive home.  He is grumpy (with a capital G) this morning from the late bedtime.  He was reduced to tears when a piece of pancake fell off his fork at breakfast.  Poor little guy.

Only 4 hours of aqua jogging / anti-gravity treading today.  Whoop.

Have a wonderful day dads out there.

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One Response to Happy Father’s Day!

  1. olivia says:

    Those are some cutie patoooties!

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