Leg work and tiny triathletes

The cat and I are lounging on an exercise mat in the middle of the living room. I just finished doing a bunch of leg and core work. Yesterday I started getting panicky about the climbs at Leadville. Running against water resistance is great and all (love it!), but it’s not a hill. I got the go-ahead to set the Alter G to 50% body weight, but I haven’t been able to make the trip to the Y yet this week. I’ve got my fingers crossed I’ll get to slip into the sexy spray skirt and spandex shorts tomorrow.
Asa learned to ride his pedal bike while I was out in California. (Eliot’s promised not to teach the boy anything significant while I’m away again.)
Now which way to the tiny tots triathlon?

(Yes, he is wearing socks with his sandals. I almost made him take them off, but I didn’t want to take part in the 15 minute “But Why?” discussion that would require me to introduce “fashion” and “Germans.” Certainly the socks didn’t really detract from his ensemble.)

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6 Responses to Leg work and tiny triathletes

  1. Lisa says:

    oh my goodness he is so cute and “fashion” and “Germans”- hilarious! Although Liza, Mr. Asa may be up on his fashion because I see sandals with socks in fashion mags lately!

  2. Gene Taylor says:

    Don’t know about fashion mags and sandals with socks but I have been doin’ that fashion statement for several years (now that I am officially old). I thought the old guy group had a lock on that piece of “dress”.
    Good luck with the 50% running!

    • lizahoward says:

      I just remember my mother laying down the law when I tried to walk out the door in 4th grade in a pair of sandals with socks. “You will NOT leave the house in those!”
      Now are your socks black Gene?
      The 50% running felt like 100% running– sweated all over the place.

      • Gene Taylor says:

        No, mostly white or off white (brown stained with mud from the trails) but I have to admit to sometimes wearing the much more stylish gray socks (but only with black sandals). It will be a few more years before I even think of wearing black socks.

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