Swishy Arm Howard

I got a chance to see some (600) of the pictures from yesterday. It was kind of like looking at someone’s over-the-top wedding album — except they were all pictures of me. There’s really nothing like being captured from every angle while you’re running racing briefs to make you a bit self-critical. Eliot gave me a hard time about this until I suggested he think about running up and down the trail in a speedo while two ladies snapped pictures. Still he did give me a hard time about my swishy left arm. And rightly so. In half the photos my left arm is turned out at the elbow and my wrist is limp. It almost looks as if my wrist is broken the way my hand hangs down. Eliot’s says it reminds him of Mr. Burns of the Simpsons. The photographers told me to be mindful of it (Watch that swishy arm! No swishy arm!), but I thought they were talking about my right arm. Nope. I’m not particularly motivated to change though. I’ll probably just try keep the limp swish in check when I run by race photographers.
The small amount of running I did for the pictures made my foot ache at the fracture site. Pretty discouraging after 5 weeks. We’re en route to Ireland (by way of my parents’ house in DC) right now for the Trail Championships, but I won’t be running. The foot’s still no good. Eliot and I will cheer the American team on instead (We have special shirts.) and enjoy some child-free time. Asa’s staying with my folks in DC for some serious fun and spoiling.
(I’m writing from a hotel in Chesterton, Maryland. Asa is jumping from bed to bed to couch like a primate. But with more squealing. Ahhh! I’m being attacked by pillows! More tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Swishy Arm Howard

  1. Domingo says:

    Have a good time!

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