The pool that broke me

As I got ready to head down to the hotel pool this morning, Eliot turned over in bed and told me to make sure I turned off the bathroom light before I left. Scowl. It’s not like I was expecting Asa and Eliot to get up and cheer me on, but a little nod to my efforts (Good job doing that thing you hate again.) would have been appreciated. (P.S. If the roles had been reversed I would have stayed in bed and been more snippy about the bathroom light. It was an entirely unreasonable expectation.) (P.P.S. I’m entirely unreasonable a lot.)
So I clomped grumpily down the hall in my big boot, aqua jogging belt in hand. Here is the pool I found.


The deep end was only about eight feet long. I might get dizzy doing those kind of laps. I made it four feet, turned around and got out. I thought briefly about rigging up a tether to run against and then headed back to the hotel room. I’ll give it another go tonight.
Basically I plumbed the depth of my desire to run Leadville this morning. I’ll do most anything to stay fit enough to run in August. But I will not spend six hours in a Comfort Inn Suites pool. I do not want it that badly. Just to be clear. 🙂 Just to be clear.

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