Last leg home

Hello from BWI. We’re flying back to San Antonio this morning. Eliot and Asa and some random kid are playing I Spy out the window here at the gate. I’m minding all our carry on luggage and processing that it’s going be 102 degrees when we get home.
My parents spoiled us royally while we were with them. It’ll be Cinderella home from the ball for all of us in a few hours. Maybe the dust bunnies will organize a welcome home party for us.
Looks like we’re boarding. More soon.

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2 Responses to Last leg home

  1. Gene Taylor says:

    Welcome Home!
    If it is any consolation, our heat indexes here in Wisconsin are supposed to be above 100 for the next 6 days, real temps in the mid to high 90’s and mucho humidity, for which we are famous. I have enjoyed your posts from Ireland, especially the great pictures. Say hello to the dust bunnies for me.

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