In which I behave badly

I attended the YMCA’s nutrition clinic for the half marathon last night, and, I’ve got to say, I’m not very proud of my behavior there.  My role was to support the registered dietician’s presentation and answer any particularly geeky race nutrition questions.  It was a recipe for disaster really: A room full of new and new-ish runners, a dietician who was not a runner, and an opinionated ultrarunner who is a professional educator.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the dietician (who was doing a fine job) was muttering “Boor!” while I added “important” bits.  Well, it was a good learning experience anyway.  I learned I can’t be trusted to be gracious in a discussion about running nutrition.  All that vomiting and sucking on Saltines during races has ruined my ability to be politely disinterested.  So disappointing to find oneself acting like a socially unaware 7th-grader monopolizing class time… Sorry nice dietician gal.  (OK, but really, I’m chock full of information like how to burp hydration pack bladders and warm up gels in your sports bra on cold mornings that is almost entirely useless – except to people in a forum like last night’s.  I’m only human.)

Running log:  Rest day (That 20 minute run yesterday was exhausting.)

Core: 3o minutes

Legs: 30 minutes

Food log:

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4 Responses to In which I behave badly

  1. Gene Taylor says:

    It is always difficult to correct the uninitiated and well meaning ignorant. You were the one in the room with real cred’, don’t feel bad for telling it like it is. The ones really listening got an education.

  2. Lisa says:

    Liza, ha! I’m sure you were just fine. I am not too impressed with the majority of the registered dieticians that I’ve run into. They are tight with allopathic medical principles. Well meaning yes, but sometimes misguided. Not that I really know anything about running nutrition!
    What did you say that you felt badly for??

    • lizahoward says:

      I’ve just never recovered from having the old food pyramid forced down my throat (teach this to an octogenarian group at the senior center) during nursing school. I bristle when things sound complicated and caffeine isn’t honored. 😉

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