Belated post

You’d think I was all busy or something based on my posting lately, but it’s not true.  I’ve just been kind of wiped out from the weekend.  All that teaching in the REI parking lot in 105 degree weather sucked the life out of me.  Or maybe I’ve just been drained from actually running in this heat again.  Regardless, I’ve been pretty useless.

Exciting things are about to be afoot though.  I’m in the airport getting ready to board a plane to Salt Lake City.  I will write a real post en route and catch you up on all the goings on.  Teaser: Potential for me to be in tears or vomiting on a treadmill on Friday.

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4 Responses to Belated post

  1. Trimble says:

    where are you now??? I’m in Park CIty Utah for a conference!

  2. Paige says:

    Ooooo, that’s sounds sorta like an OR Show type thing, lol! Enjoy!

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