Caught up and shiny MT110s

Last Saturday morning:
It’s 7:10 am and I’m in the lobby of the Fairfield Inn in Grapevine, Texas waiting for my co-instructor. We’d agreed to meet at 7am. Class starts at 8 at the REI. Five more minutes pass and I call his cell.
“Hi, K. I’m here in the lobby…Just wanted to make sure you were up.”
“I was just thinking the same thing about you. I’m here in the lobby too.”
I look around. Three people at the breakfast bar behind some ficus trees. One person sitting on the lobby couch. And me.
“Where exactly?”
“I’m right by the front desk.”
Nope. Turns out K was at another Fairfield Inn. The one right next to the REI 25 minutes away. Oops. There was scrambling, throwing of clothes, checking out, loss of an $80 computer power cord, fast driving — and an on-time arrival at REI. (The class actually started at 9.) The slow realization of “we’re in different hotels” was pretty humorous — especially since neither of us was at fault. We even managed to get coffee before we arrived. Professionals. Yup.
Monday and Tuesday: Tree guys came and pruned the live oaks in the front yard. They look lovely — like they won’t die or put a hole in the roof if we ever have a rainstorm again. Large piles of money were exchanged for this peace of mind. Shifting all that money around was exhausting and I turned in at 7pm and slept until 7am.
Wednesday: 75 minutes of running in the heat at Friedrich Park with friends. Starting to feel like a runner again. Not an ultra runner. But definitely a runner. Satisfying to have sweaty running clothes in the laundry basket. And Asa “swam” from one side of the neighborhood pool to the other.
Thursday: More swimming and making letters out of playdough with the boy.
And then I loaded the little guy up in the car and we picked up Eliot and headed to the airport. We dropped Asa off with my good friend Kat along the way and then I said goodbye to Eliot and 103 degrees for the next two days. New Balance is sending me to the Outdoor Retailer show in SLC. I have never been to an Outdoor Retailer show and I’m excited to see what it’s all about — and to be near mountains — and not to tell anybody to try everything on their plate at dinnertime for two days. I’m entirely filled with excitement and gratitude for this little adventure — except for the part of me that’s filled with dread. Did I tell you about the Treadmill Challenge already? Treadmill set to a steep grade. 15 minutes. How far can you run? People watching you race against someone else on a treadmill next to yours. So let’s see… speed on sustained steep terrain. If I had to list two things I’m bad at, speed and speed on sustained steep terrain would be the two (right after house keeping and flossing.) Toss in my fitness (75 minutes was the longest run in almost 3 months) and my hatred for treadmills, and yeah, there’s a bit of dread. It’s not my ego (thankfully that’s more wrapped up in the current state of the bathrooms), I’m at peace with my treadmill skills. I’m just not particularly excited about the pain — or performing so poorly for a sponsor after not racing for months. New Balance does not seem to mind, but I worry they think I’m exaggerating my lack of treadmill talent. Nope. Now 40 miles in a hot garage at midnight. I’d win that stupid contest.
I’ll be running in the new New Balance MT110s, but I don’t think even they can eek much uphill sprint out of me. has a piece on the MT110s up right now. Anton Krupicka comments. I’ll only add that I like running in them a ton -both in gravity and out. The toe box is more roomy than the 101s, so no little toe rubbing, and they’re comfortable on the rocky trails here. I also like the shininess of them. It’s cheering. (No, none of my other shoes are shiny.) (Nothing bedazzled either.) My running buddies are not as fond of the shininess. They’re good people otherwise. 😉 If you get the shiny turquoise ones, they say “Tested in Bandera, TX” on the inside.
Odds and ends: I’ve brought my mom purse and I’ll be toting it around like a security blanket — and also to stuff goodies in. There should be goodies to be had, right?
If you’re at the show, say hi! I’ll be the small nervous looking one with the shiny shoes and the big purse.
Running log: 35 minutes
Nutrition log: I’ll start again this Sunday

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6 Responses to Caught up and shiny MT110s

  1. Alison says:

    Jason and I are headed to Utah tomorrow to run Jupiter Peak, we will also be at the Outdoor Retailer show. Let’s meet up some time!

  2. Emily says:

    Checked out the shoes at irunfar…so totally awesome! But what are the shoes without a matching mom purse?
    You’re welcome! 🙂

  3. Domingo says:

    Have a good time in Salt Lake City.

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