Allergies to fancy

I stayed at a fancy hotel in Salt Lake City.  I’ve only stayed at such a fancy hotel once before.  My dad was stationed in Saudi Arabia and we went to visit him and my mom at Christmastime.  We stayed in a place with a harpist in the lobby and a crew of workers that raked away our footprints in the sand.  (Military discount.)

I was told I was staying at the Little America Hotel initially.  It sounded kind of side-of-the-highway, but it turned out to be like this:

I walked up to the desk to check in feeling entirely underdressed and rumpled.  They didn’t have a reservation.  Nothing.  I tried a bunch of different names.  Nope.  I sat down in the fancy lobby and waited for someone from New Balance to call and rescue me before they kicked me out.  It turned out I didn’t have a reservation at the Little America because I was in the Grand America next door.



Here’s the bathroom.

I walked around on the marble in my bare feet as much as possible.  I also came away with a ziploc bag full of shampoos and sundries.  I was happy to leave though, because I couldn’t stop sneezing and blowing nose the entire time I was there.  I’m sure the housecleaning staff must think I stuffed the full box of tissues in my bag along with the lotions, but I used them all up.  Everything cleared up as soon as I got outside the next morning.  Too clean?  Too fancy?  I made the mistake of telling one of the New Balance folks and she said they’d keep that in mind the next time.  Hello Motel 6.

Running log: Rest day

Nutrition log:

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4 Responses to Allergies to fancy

  1. footfeathers says:

    I share the same allergic reaction. That bathroom looks like a slip and fall head injury to me. I need the crusty, matted shag carpet in my bathrooms.

    • lizahoward says:

      It’s true. I’m not sure how I managed not to break an ankle in there with my injury streak. Reminds me I need to throw the bathmats in the wash today.

  2. Billy Brown says:

    Allergic to luxury? Interesting…

    It was great meeting you at the New Balance run in SLC (I’m the guy who’s doing the TransRockies this month). Thanks for the advice and encouraging words!

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