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Jordan Hot Springs

After a long day dwelling at the cliffs, the people of the Mogollon culture would head to the hot springs for a soak. ¬†They also kept parrots and liked to dance like nobody was watching. ¬†(So, yeah, some of the … Continue reading



I’m back! My legs are a bit scratched up, my skin looks leathery, and the dirt under my nails is impervious to scrubbing, but I’m full of happiness after 20ish days sleeping under the stars. I worked with four other … Continue reading

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Mom in the Wild: Day 22

I will be back to the blogging world tomorrow. Can’t wait to catch up.

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Mom in the Wild: Day 21

I’m hiking in sneakers this trip. I managed to get my pack weight down to about 40 pounds — and sneakers can handle that kind of weight. I brought the NB Minimus for camp shoes. It’s the lightest pack I’ve … Continue reading

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Mom in the Wild: Day 20


Mom in the Wild: Day 19

This will be an amazing post in about 17 days. Not so much right now.

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Mom in the Wild: Day 18

We’ve got 45 minutes until we hit Wilcox and take a bathroom and coffee break. Might expire long before that.

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