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New website!

My friend Tim Smith redesigned my blog page and it’s up and running today.  It has a new address and everything.  From now on I’ll be posting at  Everything’s been transferred over except the last few days of comments.  I’ll … Continue reading

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Monday and inspiration

This is Asa’s last full week of summer vacation. He starts preschool next Wednesday. This coincides very nicely with the mileage ramp-up for Javelina, but I will miss the little fellow. It’s early in the morning and the house is … Continue reading


Resumes and xeriscapes

I told you how I had the trees in the front yard pruned in a wildly expensive way, right?  Now we’re in Phase 2 of the yard project.  This is the phase in which the landscaper shows me a gorgeous … Continue reading


Karma, Bandera and two-hour runs

I woke up at 4:10 yesterday morning.  This was wildly and immediately upsetting  because I was supposed to meet my friends at the Exxon Tiger Mart at 4.  We were heading out to Bandera for a run.  I was only … Continue reading


Electrolyte replacement and you

I was dreaming I was outside on top of the Empire State building and a huge thunderstorm was rolling in.  I had to fight against a strong wind action-movie style to get to the door to the stairs.   Crash! … Continue reading


Thoughts from the bar

Sorry for the late post.  Now that I’m running again and not just sitting around on my bottom building Lego fire boats, I have to plan out my blogging time better.  Well, that and I’ve been taking Benadryl the last … Continue reading


Gosh it’s hot

Wanna come for a run? Running log: 60 minutes hilly Nutrition log:


Allergies to fancy

I stayed at a fancy hotel in Salt Lake City.  I’ve only stayed at such a fancy hotel once before.  My dad was stationed in Saudi Arabia and we went to visit him and my mom at Christmastime.  We stayed … Continue reading


Pragmatic runner and fourth birthdays

One of the nice New Balance folks called me a “pragamatic” runner. I’d just told her the story about having to have my sports bra cut during Rocky Raccoon this year. Me: “Why do you say that?” (I mean, besides … Continue reading


Retail overload, treadmill challenges and birthdays

One of the nice New Balance folks asked if seeing all gear at the Outdoor Retailer show made me want it.  Nope.  It was like sitting at a table covered with all the food you’d eat in a week. Overwhelming … Continue reading