Pragmatic runner and fourth birthdays

One of the nice New Balance folks called me a “pragamatic” runner. I’d just told her the story about having to have my sports bra cut during Rocky Raccoon this year.

Me: “Why do you say that?” (I mean, besides answering the question about my running history with a story about having to have my sports bra loosened with trauma shears.)

She said Anton Krupicka was a very philosophical runner, but that I seemed much more pragmatic. What?!? I’m chock full of philosophical thoughts! They’re just covered in a veneer of 4 year-old mothering thoughts — and they’re not nearly as entertaining as the sports bra story. (I tell that one pretty well now.) Really, I think she should have said that Anton (who sent me some very kind thoughts about not vomiting on the Uphill Challenge) is very articulate and his thoughts on running are refined and expressive. Many people find them meaningful.

Pragmatic: relating to matters of fact or practical affairs often to the exclusion of intellectual or artistic matters

Whatever! You just have to run with me for a few hours to me some to hear my profound-er thoughts? Right guys? 😉

Truly, I am not all that articulate about things that are most important to me. Certainly not with strangers over dinner. I’m going to have to work on that. Eventually. Right now I need to work on training hard — and being a good mom and better spouse — and keeping the bathrooms sanitary. (All while thinking deeply.)

Here are some pictures of yesterday’s festivities.




Running log: 40 minutes

Nutrition log:

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9 Responses to Pragmatic runner and fourth birthdays

  1. Anna Williams says:

    Bahahaha!!!! Is that a transformers pinata?!?!?! I didn’t know crepe paper could artistically represent steel. Oh man, Asa is a lucky little boy and he’s old enough now to remember this birthday.

    • Anna Williams says:

      Or is it a Power Rangers pinata? I haven’t watched that show in a few years..

      • lizahoward says:

        Transformers. Not sure which one. The little kids couldn’t beat it open, so we had to rip it apart for them. Kind of gruesome. Violent and gruesome. Good stuff.

  2. lisa says:

    Pragamatic is good Liza!!! No frills, just straight to the point. Hmmm, I wonder if you were more of a chit chatter, the nice NB lady would have thought differently??
    All your adventures are so much fun to read about. I look forward to your blog Liza, you do such a great job.

  3. Emily says:

    Happy Birthday, Asa! Wish we could have been there to celebrate!!!

  4. Tony Maldonado says:

    Yes, one must run with you through the woods to hear your inner thoughts. You’ve left me digging for a response to your comments and reflections. We are the fortunate ones who have run long distances with you or who have run with you at mile 80, 85, 90……….

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