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Best laid plans

More often than not I am sad about the clutter in our family car.  Not so this morning.  I will be forever thankful for the random bath towel in the backseat.  Asa and I were driving Eliot downtown for a … Continue reading

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Leg work and tiny triathletes

The cat and I are lounging on an exercise mat in the middle of the living room. I just finished doing a bunch of leg and core work. Yesterday I started getting panicky about the climbs at Leadville. Running against … Continue reading


What I talk about when I talk about aqua jogging

I am beat.  Somehow it’s 10:30pm and the boy has just settled down for the night.  I have my fingers crossed for a late morning wake-up.  7am Lord?  I’m still feeling a bit seasick from the aqua jogging tonight.  I … Continue reading

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Book recommendation

Have you all read Marshall Ulrich’s book Running on Empty?  It describes his 3000+ mile run across the United States (averaging 60 miles a day) and the journey’s impact on him physically, psychologically, and spiritually.  I downloaded it for the … Continue reading

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Crewing at Western States

I’m sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Sacramento scribbling on one of those tiny hotel notepads while my phone charges. Formula One is on the TV and the housekeeping staff is vacuuming and cleaning up the continental breakfast … Continue reading


Scolding and pre-race fun

If Brian hadn’t hustled me out the door this morning, there’s no way I would have made it to the pool to aqua jog. And if I’d known the water was going to be 77 degrees when I got there, … Continue reading


You can do it on a noodle! and autographs

I’m sitting in my PJs in a swanky hotel room in South Lake Tahoe eating lentil soup out of a pot and watching last night’s Daily Show. There is a glass of red wine too. Chris and Brian are out … Continue reading

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