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Road to trail conversion

I got up at 5 to run and it took about 6 miles before I was feeling like a kind and cheerful person again.  Usually I’m less grinch-like after only 2 miles. But that’s trail miles.  Maybe I’ve found the … Continue reading

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Mudfest at Bandera?

I’ve spoken to a handful of folks who froze camping last year at Bandera and I’d planned to write a good post about sleeping warm.  But it looks like that won’t be a problem this year; 62 and rainy is … Continue reading

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Table Topics

Last night my mom and dad, sister, Eliot, and I sat around the table after dinner playing Table Topics.  It’s a huge deck of cards with questions that are meant to provoke “great conversations.”  We were playing the Family Edition, … Continue reading

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On Airrosti and PVC pipes

I use a 2 foot piece of 6 inch PVC pipe as a leg roller.  It’s awesome and it cost $4 at the Home Depot in San Antonio.  I did not bring it to Hawaii because it seemed like a … Continue reading

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Gothic-chic runner

Do they remind you of the night sky?  My dad sent my mom, sister, and me to a fancy spa yesterday.  And I want to give a big smooch to whomever started the whole black nail polish trend.  Gothic-chic runner … Continue reading

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No worries.

I’m up at 4 again to run before the family wakes, but it sounds like there’s a monsoon outside.  So I’m going to make myself comfortable on the couch for a while instead.  Core workout, walking lunges, another cup o’ … Continue reading

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Late sleepers

OMG! these kids are sleeping late on Christmas morning.  It’s 7am.  I have been up since 4:30.  Come on people, there are presents to unwrap!  Santa ate the cookies, the reindeer nibbled on the carrots, there are a pile of … Continue reading

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