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New website!

My friend Tim Smith redesigned my blog page and it’s up and running today.  It has a new address and everything.  From now on I’ll be posting at  Everything’s been transferred over except the last few days of comments.  I’ll … Continue reading

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Monday and inspiration

This is Asa’s last full week of summer vacation. He starts preschool next Wednesday. This coincides very nicely with the mileage ramp-up for Javelina, but I will miss the little fellow. It’s early in the morning and the house is … Continue reading


Resumes and xeriscapes

I told you how I had the trees in the front yard pruned in a wildly expensive way, right?  Now we’re in Phase 2 of the yard project.  This is the phase in which the landscaper shows me a gorgeous … Continue reading


Karma, Bandera and two-hour runs

I woke up at 4:10 yesterday morning.  This was wildly and immediately upsetting  because I was supposed to meet my friends at the Exxon Tiger Mart at 4.  We were heading out to Bandera for a run.  I was only … Continue reading


Electrolyte replacement and you

I was dreaming I was outside on top of the Empire State building and a huge thunderstorm was rolling in.  I had to fight against a strong wind action-movie style to get to the door to the stairs.   Crash! … Continue reading


Thoughts from the bar

Sorry for the late post.  Now that I’m running again and not just sitting around on my bottom building Lego fire boats, I have to plan out my blogging time better.  Well, that and I’ve been taking Benadryl the last … Continue reading


Gosh it’s hot

Wanna come for a run? Running log: 60 minutes hilly Nutrition log: