Resumes and xeriscapes

I told you how I had the trees in the front yard pruned in a wildly expensive way, right?  Now we’re in Phase 2 of the yard project.  This is the phase in which the landscaper shows me a gorgeous xeriscape design, gives me a quote, I consider selling blood and then reconcile myself to the fact that this will be a glacier-paced do-it-yourself project.  I’m happy to do the work now that I have a vision.  Mostly I just need help putting in a curvy metal edging.  I need some tools too.  And I need to review the child labor laws.  (PS.  If you have hoe or other type of gardening tool that would remove the dead grass in my yard and you live near me, please write.)  I’ll be posting pictures (to amuse you) as we go.

As for running, this week is my last week of taking things slowly to make sure my foot is healed.  I’ve located my Garmin and it’s charging.  Time to start ramping up for Javelina.

I am also doing push-ups daily using  I used to have arm muscles, and one summer I even did 1000 pushups in a day in sets of 100.  (Summertime dare.)  Now I struggle to lift Asa into a shopping cart.  Want a scrawny-armed before picture?

And finally, you know how they’re making Born To Run into a movie?  Well, they’re going to need stunt doubles, right?  A life goal of mine is to list stunt double on my resume.  (How great would that be?)  So if you’re reading this and you have connections to this movie (improbable, I know, but hey, the blog gods might be feeling generous) I want you to know that I would make a great running stunt double.  I’m really good at falling on technical terrain and I look great from a distance.  OK, it’s out there…

Running: 45 minutes


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4 Responses to Resumes and xeriscapes

  1. Tim Smith says:

    I’ll have to start working on some propoganda posters to get you in the movie.

  2. kerry says:

    who are you more like? Ann Trason, Jenn Shelton, … ? Give me some method here! 😉 (Trying to picture you in a long run on the beach with Eliot, both of you shouting quotes from Dharma Bums.)

    PS. Ann’s career is amazing. I felt bad she seemed to come off a bit unsympathetic in BTR.

    • lizahoward says:

      I think there’s probably some stunt double rule about not being able to double for someone who is more than a decade your junior. “Why does she suddenly look so old?” Also I am not cute in a running bikini. I have 300 pictures from a photo shoot to prove this.
      Any short runner will do.
      And agreed about the portrayal of Trason.

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