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Seventh Circle?

I am in the seventh circle of hell at the Houston airport. You don’t have to have been to IAH to know the place I’m talking about. It’s the waiting area for the small planes that you have to take … Continue reading


100,000 mile tune up

I haven’t walked into anything since we last talked.  The fourth toe on my left foot is a great shade of black and blue, but it seems like I’ll be running without a hobbling, gimpy gait by tomorrow.  I was … Continue reading


Costume contest and cosmic messages

I kicked a metal pipe with my good foot yesterday at the pool.  I was thinking about unimportant things (whether the shirt I was wearing over my bathing suit made it look like I wasn’t wearing bathing suit bottoms) and … Continue reading

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Article about sweaty running for you

Here’s an article titled “Myths About Running in Heat” in Running Times Magazine that I thought you’d like.  I certainly liked reading how training in the heat might help performance in cooler races.  I’ve decided to believe this wholeheartedly. (102 … Continue reading

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In which I behave badly

I attended the YMCA’s nutrition clinic for the half marathon last night, and, I’ve got to say, I’m not very proud of my behavior there.  My role was to support the registered dietician’s presentation and answer any particularly geeky race … Continue reading

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Metatarsal stress fracture reading

I am beginning to feel like a runner again.  Along with having to do more laundry, this means I’m perusing the running blog world during Asa’s naptimes (and ignoring the housework) again.  I stumbled across one yesterday entitled “Metatarsal Stress … Continue reading

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New food log format

I’m recording my food log on MyFitnessPal now.  It’s an easier format and simpler to use that Training Peaks. This is the meal plan for tomorrow.  The day got away from me today after the 30 minute run with Tony … Continue reading

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