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I was feeling kind of blah today.  The massive taper due to my nasty cold is messing with my bliss.  I’m looking forward to getting back to high mileage again.  (I’m not a racer at heart.  Give me a long, … Continue reading

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Dogs in your pants

Here is my fire building success last weekend.  I have not built all that many fires in my life, so I was pretty pleased with myself and the warm room.  My self-satisfaction lasted most of the morning.  Doesn’t take much. … Continue reading

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Lard and vegans

Our car is loaded down with gifts from our Thanksgiving travels — snowmen themed dessert plates, family Christmas ornaments, a jar of honey from the L.’s beehive, chicken feeders, a gigantic kid’s atlas….Asa’s been sleeping for hours, which is great … Continue reading

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Place your bets

Check out this article in the Running Times about the deeeeeeeeeep ladies field at the Northface run.  (They also had a few words about the guys’ race.) I’m typing on my phone and I only have one bar out here, … Continue reading

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Tamales and apple pie

We made it to Nacogdoches today and there’s been lots of good sitting and talking all afternoon.  This will be a very short post because I am too stuffed with tamales and apple pie to think straight.  Asa, Eliot, and … Continue reading


Justin Bieber and my Northface Endurance Challenge goals

So yesterday I was whining about the flatness of downtown Houston.  Nothing even resembling a hill to train on for the upcoming race.  But I forgot I still had a free seven-day pass to Lifetime Fitness.  It was one of … Continue reading

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On the road for turkey

The Thanksgiving holiday is in full swing here at the Howard household.  The apples are out for pie baking and we hit the road for Houston this afternoon.  (Surely I don’t need to tell you at this point in our … Continue reading

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