Wherein I am most pleased

Hi folks.  I just got home from the Bandera 100k and I’m sitting at the dining room table with a huge bowl of spaghetti and a glass of wine in front of me.  (Of course I meant “I resolve not to drink alcohol this year except directly after a race.”)  I’ll write a proper race report on Monday complete with high drama and belly baring.  In the meantime:  I won.  (!!!!!)  And I’ve got a spot to go to Western States.  And I set a course record with 9:35.  (unofficial)  AND  I didn’t get passed again in the last mile (though it was very close).  Big smiles.  Thanks for your good thoughts today.  They worked.  Gotta shuffle slowly off to bed now.

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22 Responses to Wherein I am most pleased

  1. Colin says:

    Fantastic. Have YOU signed Asa’s nap mat?

  2. Kerry Rodgers says:


  3. George Zack says:

    Awesome. Way to earn that WS ticket.

  4. Sarah says:

    Congratulations! I knew you could do it.

  5. Sara G says:

    Congratulations!!! Great job on the win and a spot in Western States! You definitely deserve a glass of wine after a race 🙂

  6. Aunt Mary Anne says:

    You are amazing! Lots of love. Mary Anne & Blyth

  7. Emily says:

    You ROCK!!! Congratulations…can’t wait to hear all about it!

  8. Niki Lake says:

    YayHoooo! How awesome is that?!? Congrats on being fabulous (superfast winning record-setter status notwithstanding)!!!! When you’ve had time to rest and have a moment, will you send me an email? I lost yours and I have something Government Canyon-related I wanted to run by you (pun intended).

  9. Mia Phillips says:

    Never doubted it for a moment! Congrats!!

  10. Trimble says:


  11. Norma M. Arias says:

    Congratulations, Liza! Fantastic! So happy for you – can’t wait to hear the details.

  12. annette bednosky says:

    Wow! Fabulous! Congrats to you!
    I ran the 100k there last year and got spanked! Way to go lady! Recover well and enjoy life (including the glasses of wine!)

  13. Terri says:

    You are my inspiration, I run 10K and less and usually place top 5. I’ve been working with Tim Neckar my running coach, right now I’m recovering from surgery. But my goal is to just get out there and run and have fun. I’m 32, Army brat, and was in the Army myself. Running is in my DNA, and reading about you really motivates me. You are astounding! Can I ask you about your diet? And my hip flexors get so angry at me too. I roll them, stretch pretty properely and also participle in crossfit (thats my cross training). Also, I just would like to know how do you push through the pain? Sorry for all the questions, I am sure we will meet one day. Thanks, Terri.

    • lizahoward says:

      Hello fellow Army brat. It’s really nice to hear that this blog is useful. Thanks. As for my diet, it’s been pretty plant-based (vegan) for the last 3 years — because that kept my junk food tooth in check. This year I’m incorporating animals again. Mostly I just avoid things that have much processing or packaging. I like Michael Pollan’s “Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as a food.” precept. Nothing fancy.
      Pain: I try to see it as useful training for dealing with pain in the real world. I haven’t really suffered much running.
      I hope we do meet one day.

  14. clea says:

    Congrats….maybe you will have to sign my son’s nap mat.

    • lizahoward says:

      Clea, I actually wimped out about the nap mat signing. All the fast guys were standing around in a circle talking after I finished and I felt like some geeky high school freshman approaching a group of cool seniors. (A geeky high school freshman with a 3 year-old…) I’ll have to tote it along to Western States now. 🙂

  15. OMG! That’s awesome…Congratulations on your victory! Way to go!

  16. Olga says:

    Next time just give the map to me – I have no shame in fast-guys circles:)

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